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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 71)

The reason I received every bibliophile’s dream this week and PC received his dream of a chainsaw!! was because we both celebrated our birthdays.  PC’s on Monday, mine on Wednesday, but the best present was a babysitting voucher and tickets from our children  for PC and I to go on a date:)

I visited the midwife clinic again today, all is fine.  I love this new option, I really, really do.  I actually look forward to my appointments, and every time have been blessed to have the same midwife.  Low stress, low bother and I feel like a real person. They have been promising for years to have a clinic up and running, I had them in stitches when I told them I kept coming back every couple of years hoping  the clinic was finally operating;

My Carpenter has very quick wit.  I emailed the children requesting they email back their list of books read for the week.  Carpenter’s email read:
Devoid of Words-by I. M. Blank.
The Angry Mother-by Son Didn’t Read Alot

I’ve been contemplating changing my blog name when the baby is born, I’m wanting something literary and distinctly Australian.  I’d love ideas:)  My boys’ idea of 5 Blokes and 3 Shelias isn’t quite what I had in mind.

Having another driver in the family is certainly making our life much easier.  Koala took her siblings to Nippers on the weekend, and then to Writing Club and to work during the week.  It is all fun for her and I get to stay at home all week:):)

Princess baked her first batch of  bread this week, totally unsupervised with great success!

I also received Reading the Saints – Janet McKenzie for my birthday.  I’m loving it, lots and lots of lists of Catholic titles and saints books. Some are organised into lists of century or geographical location.  And some great tips on caring for your books, book covering etc.  I’ve extended my vocabulary; trying to decide if I am a Bibliomaniac or Bibliophile.  The children vote for the former.

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