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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 80)

After studying for his CPA (Charted Practicing Accountant) Certificate for the past three years, PC completed his last exam yesterday!!!
I am so proud of him, in that time we have begun extensions, had two babies and he has commenced a new job. He is awesome.

Bass is smiling already!!:):)  Five weeks old, he is such a happy, placid baby. Ready for 00s already!

PC bought a cool baby monitor. The stationary unit sits in our room, powered by either electricity or battery and we wear the ‘receiver’ on our wrist.  Thus enabling us to walk from room to room  without worries.  My sister thought it so cool she bought her own unit.  Easily affordable from Big W.

When Jem was a toddler I gave away the nappy bag, I really didn’t like it.  When my mil was visiting recently she was most generous and insisted I buy a new one.  I really am over carting around a bag sporting teddy bears and wanted something smart.  When I had my firstborn I carried nearly her entire wardrobe, by number nine I’m more savvy and carry far less.  Thus I set out to the local handbag shop and found this gorgeous, smart leather bag. (The slim model is not me, I wish, but my beautiful firstborn.)

Small, everyday interactions within a community bring a sense of connectedness. I’ve realised this anew recently as I’ve introduced Bass within our community.   The library ladies reaching for a cuddle, the fruit and veg vendors seeking us out to greet him, our Church community’s smiles, greetings and welcome are very, very important.

Keeping a ‘straight face’ at times is impossible.  Today’s Faith lesson with a child was one such time.  Catechism question: How can we make our most ordinary actions merit a heavenly reward?
Child’s answer: By doing them for the love of God and keeping ourselves in a state of poverty.
Oh when I could stop laughing, ” Sweetie it’s a state of grace.”

 Whilst I’m typing I’m listening to Carpenter singing on Ultrastar,  I love listening to him.  He has a lovely voice, sings in tune,  holds notes beautifully, a true gift from God.  I admit, I’m envious.

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