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A Room of His Own

This year Carpenter has been expressing a strong need to have his own study area, complete with a desk.  I was determined to help him find ‘his spot’. When my teen expresses a desire to commit to his study, I can’t help but respond.

Searching for and rejecting a few spots, I suggested a sunny nook in the guest room. When asked if he would like the room as his own place to study in, Carpenter flippantly rejoined he’d like it as his own room too.

Much to his surprise, I agreed. After all diligence to his work deserves a reward. He’d ‘pressed the right buttons’ when he begged for a desk.

Within hours we had the room cleared of furniture (and set a ‘furniture shuffle’ in motion). We then began preparation for painting.

Every afternoon this week after lessons has seen Carpenter, Princess and I adding another coat.

I wonder now why we’ve waited so long to paint, it looks entirely like a new room.

The timber architraves and flooring set off the paw paw beautifully.

Carpenter intends on moving in tomorrow, we now only need to find a desk and study success shall abound:)

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