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7 Quick Takes Friday ( Vol 79)

Our dining table is currently an 8-10 seater, an antique I restored at17. (Due for another restoration) Once Bass is seated at the table we will have seriously outgrown the table.  I’m looking for a 12-14 seater but suspect finding a table of this proportion will be nigh impossible, I’m suspecting I shall have to turn my hand to making one.
Talking furniture, I am seeking a cube bookcase, to house our picture books. Most likely another piece of furniture we may have to make, particularly as I want solid timber.
Tracey at Little Men in my Library has posted some great book posts recently; Anzac Day titles, Making Tracks- History Fiction for younger readers and Our Australian Girls  a new series.  We are enjoying lots of these books. Thanks Tracey.
Readers who use Google Reader can choose to mark interesting blog posts as ‘shared’, you can then display your reads on your blog sidebar as ‘shared items.’  I love it when my favourite blogs display their shared items, introducing me to some great posts.
We’ve recently discovered the need for apologetics, using the Friendly Defender Cards as conversation starters as the dinner table has been an easy way to meet this need.
Science is receiving a big focus here at present, most of the children are keen to learn the Periodic Table song,
watching videos on the elements and younger ones enjoying Steve Spangler’s videos.
An exciting package arrived yesterday, One Year Adventure Novel. The children watched the DVD at 6pm as soon as they opened the package and began writing:)!  Today without any prompting the DVD was watched again and yet more writing:):)

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  • Sue Elvis

    Hi Erin, I hope all is well with you and baby.

    I followed the link in your shared items for the Australian girl books. They look wonderful. We might buy one on Kobo and download it to everyone's ereaders as a start.

    You must be very talented if you can make your own wooden furniture. We have a table for ten but tomorrow night I am having an adults' dinner party for 12. I think we will be elbow to elbow! It won't matter though as it will be so good to share an evening with old and close friends. God bless!

  • Erin

    We're going well. I'm waiting for library copies of Aust girl.
    Well I'm planning on PC's help, at least for drawing up plans and brain support. I don't want to take him away from building work though.

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