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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 81)

One would assume that Births, Deaths and Marriages would see the importance of documenting official information correctly.  We received Bass’ birth certificate this week, and one of his sibling’s has been omitted from the certificate!!!  This is not the first time we have received certificates missing pertinent information.  I shall try to contact them again (sigh).

I’ve just finished Young Digger by Anthony Hill, based on a true story that occurred during/after WW1.  A junior fiction title recording the story of a young boy who lived in the trenches in France during WW1, travelled through Europe with British troops and ended up being the mascot for an Australian RAAF division.  After the War ended, he was smuggled to Australia with his troop where he lived with a digger and his family who ‘adopted’ him.  Fascinating.  Thanks Tracey for the recommendation.

Koala is in the throes of pondering her life’s direction after she finishes her studies this year.  We’re very impressed with her initiative and resourcefulness.  This week she undertook a Career test, very interesting results, pretty accurate summation actually of personality.  Career paths are recommended with results.  It was so interesting Carpenter and I also participated.

A situation occurred last week that made me aware anew just what a sensitive nature our Einstein has.  He has a gift of being attuned to the emotional pain of others and striving to alleviate their hurts.  He is an awesome teen and we’re so proud of him.

We found a desk at the op-shop for Carpenter, perfect for his new room. He has been enjoying studying there with the sunlight streaming in and the peaceful views outside.

Our teens are reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves for Grammar lessons.  A humorous read on the importance of punctuation.  For years I have spoken of the necessity of correct punctuation with small avail, finally they understand!!

Finally, we are enjoying read alouds and picture books daily!:) For so long I have striven to regain this pattern and this year we have succeeded:)   With our older children rich literature abounded in their lives, but when I burnt out we struggled in this area.  Yet it is rich literature that nurtures and rejuvenates us.

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