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Beginning Building Work Anew

It has been months since we joined the two houses together, and yet we never finished cladding that section.  With PC’s CPA studies finally completed, it is time to begin extension work again.

With some help from ‘the team’ the front wall was completed in a day.

I particularly like how PC managed to continue the boards in a continuous sweeping curve over the angle, instead of meeting with a cut angle.

We then moved around to the back section to finish cladding that area.

Both sides of the future deck had to be cladded, taking another couple of days to complete.

The finished result looks very impressive.
(Regards the roof line, the high trusses will eventually continue right though).
Well done Prince Charming:)

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  • EK

    Sorry had to edit my comment!!

    Wow! What a project – that is wonderful! Thank you for visiting my blog; I've been perusing yours all morning. I've seen so much great advice that you've given over at 4Real but never never came here before. What a lovely blog you have!

  • alecat

    Wow, what a huge but spectacular job!

    I'm just dropping in to say 'hi' after bunny-trailing back some links between our blogs. It's nice to 'meet' you. I've signed up to follow now, so hopefully will enjoy reading you more often!

    Catherine (aka, alecat)
    Melbourne Aust.

  • Erin

    Should do, but there are holes in the roof;)

    I think so:)

    thank you:):)

    I'm always so excited to find fellow Aussie hs bloggers, glad you found me too!

    Getting it ready for your visit;)

    I have a list for EVERY weekend between now and next August!

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