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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 85)

Koala went to school this week for the first time!  She attended for work experience.  We now have a picture of her first day in Kindergarten;)

Einstein was highly amused yesterday after taking a phone call from our local library.  We regularly reserve books online, we reserve so many we have our own basket under the counter with our name taped to the cubbyhole.  Yesterday they begged us to go in as the basket was overflowing and we now had a trolley!

My dear friend has long stored borrowed library books in a central basket in her loungeroom.  She has been encouraging me for years to do the same.  I really do not know why I resisted, but I am now a convert!  Our library box in the loungeroom has a high ‘borrowing’ turnover.

Most of the books we borrow from the library are for the older children as our library is lighter on teen material.  Princess recently asked me to reserve books for her, I was rather reluctant as we have many wonderful ‘friends’ just waiting for her to meet in our own library.  So why hadn’t she ‘met’ them?  Upon reflection I realised the many shelves may overwhelm her.  My solution?  I’ve set a box with a selection of treasures for her to browse through and ‘borrow.’  She is very happy and particularly likes the label “Princess’ Books’.

Remember the rain gutters?  PC has priced them and found they’re rather expensive.  I’m searching for ideas of other ways to display picture books.  Suggestions?

We were driving past our local pub one evening recently, and saw a horse and rider on the verandah chatting to the patrons.  A great discussion ensued as to whether the rider could be arrested if he was over the limit.

Carpenter has been helping me move all my files from my computer to his.  My computer has a death rattle and I’m rather concerned one day it will gasp its last.  I have no intention of being caught unawares, I feel I can breath a little easier now.

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  • Elizabeth

    You might be able to find old "plate racks" at yardsale/ flea market sales (do you have them in Australia?)…or you could make your own pretty cheap…wood slats and dowels are available at craft stores on precut sizes…each shelf just needs two dowels (one low and one a few inches higher) to keep picture books in place AND you can see the whole cover because it is only blocked by the thin dowel 🙂
    Paint the shelves whatever color you like and hang from nails/picture hooks with those loop hangers on the back of the side supports…It would look lovely.
    Love the "Riding While Intoxicated" question 🙂
    Blessings, EJT

  • Vicky

    I love the idea of a central basket for library books, Erin. So often our kids won't let us return a book because they haven't read it, and they haven't read it because they've forgotten it was there! I'll give this a go:)

  • Gae

    Dear Erin,
    So glad you have taken up the library book Basket or baskets as ours have been mostly and run with it.
    I love the idea of your being the librarian and collecting books for Princess ( I still have trouble with your children blog names) This is so fun

  • Deanne

    I am sure I saw something the other day for your picture books I will see if I can find it again and send it to you, maybe you could look into 2nd hand gutters.

  • Erin

    Pretty isn't so important, functional is:)
    Great idea! Happy to amuse you. Glad to see you back over here:)
    I have so many fines it is embarrassing. Good luck in keeping track of your books.
    PC says I'm a frustrated librarian, it is true!
    Looking forward to hearing your idea. Now to source 2nd hand gutters.

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