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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 86)

Teaching a second child to drive is far different to teaching the first.  I’m now far more confident in my ability to teach driving skills.  Poor Koala had to do all the work of  paving the way and Carpenter gets to benefit from her hard work.

We recently attended the engagement party of a young friend of ours, a young lady we have known since she was 9, actually the godmother of one of our girls.  It is really amazing to realise just how much time has flown as we watch with pride her begin her journey into married life.  Of course all things Wedding are of interest here at present and we’ve been practising the Waltz.  Pleased to see even my boys are keen to waltz:)

Koala has just completed another week of Work Experience, this time at a Pre-School.  She appears to be going backwards, first Kindergarten, now Pre-School.

It is definitely happening!  We are heading to Mt Isa for a visit in a couple of months.  My brother has lived there for 15 years and we have never visited, but finally we are going:)  We’re thinking a three day road trip each way, (ideas for downloadables anyone?,) mining tours and fossil fields, but best of all lots of family time.

We have one week left of Term and enthusiasm for learning has rather waned.   I’m using a modified version of the Workbox System for the girls, for the novelty effect in the hope of inspiration. The whole workbox system gives me a rash, definitely not my style; however I can easily slot books already allotted into coloured drawers.

At the beginning of this term we purchased the One Year Adventure Novel to aid Carpenter in  writing his novel. It has been a huge success, but it is best to read what he has to say about it himself🙂

I’m searching for Aussie Catholic mum blogs, not only Aussie Catholic home education blogs.  Does anyone know of either not already listed on my sidebar?
As Jennifer is busy loving her new babe, Hallie is hosting 7 Quick Takes this week. Do visit for more fun.
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  • Nameless Chicken (lest I offend)

    So … come on … how's the de-clutter incentivized reclamation of the tummy muscles going? We know you skipped a week of 7QTs and have now failed to deliver this week … we're all hoping you've hit on the solution and are saving up for a big post … (we are trying to assist:) and would love for you to show us the way!

  • Erin

    Nameless Chicken,
    I KNOW who you are, I recognise your writing style. You guessed it, I am saving up for a big post. don't want to bore my readers.

  • Fe

    Workboxes have evolved in our house:-) They all have drawers, but they've basically turned into a drawer for each subject (or group of subjects… most of the reading books for one child are all in the one drawer). So they're still useful as a _gathering_ place (books, printouts, pencils, flashcards, manipulatives)… but not so much the structure of the day. They can still grab a box and have everything they need.

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