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Shameless Bragging

PC has finished all his exams!!  For the past three years my awesome husband has been undertaking further studies, to obtain his CPA Accountant certification. This Professional citation will open further doors in the business world.  He still has to finish his case study but no more exams.

We are all rather proud and in awe of him.  To carry this extra work load for the past three years on top of his  other roles is rather impressive.  During this time he has continued to be a wonderful husband, a fantastic father, including welcoming two new babies into our family.  He continued his regular employment, and then started at new employment, also volunteering in a couple of community positions.  On top of this we have begun our house building and he is the main labour.  Incredible life lessons he has modelled to the children, including tenacity, perseverance and time juggling skills.

One would imagine considering just how much he had to accomplish he would just scrape in with Passes.  Nope, he has surely outdone himself and received 2 Distinctions and 4 High Distinctions!!

Well Done!!  We are so Proud of you {{}}

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