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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 91)

Today I spent some time searching ebay for ‘children’s costumes’.  One of the most consistently used ‘toys’ in our house is dress ups.  A few weeks ago I realised that our little boys are always ‘dressing up’ in dresses.  Not that this bothers me in the slightest but upon reflection I realised that we don’t have any costumes for little boys.  So I’ve been looking at perhaps purchasing Spiderman, Batman and Robin Hood costumes.  I’m also planning on cobbling together some outfits from the op-shops.
These will make great presents for Jem’s third birthday in a fortnight.  Any other suggestions for small boys dress up outfits?

Spring is here!  I’m feeling that spring cleaning bug coming on, my children are going to be thrilled;)  Today I  cleaned out my bedside cupboard, it’s too embarrassing to admit when it was last done.  PC rang up and Said, “You’re sounding happy!”
“I cleaned out my beside cupboard”
“Oh did you find something special?”

Carpenter’s soccer team has made it to the finals!  They are playing as I type.  In 11 years as a soccer mum this is the second time any of our children’s teams have made it through. Unfortunately I’m not watching as Bass has a cough and I didn’t want to take him out in the cold night air.

I’m realise I could be boring my readers in repeating myself, but I had no idea how much pleasure we would receive watching Anna Maria as she finds her wings and soars.  In some ways I feel like I’m a new parent again, picking up the phone to share, “She just rolled over!”  “She just blew bubbles” “She just spoke her first word.”  Anna Maria is quietly and confidently discerning her path for next year and we couldn’t be prouder of her.  Oh in case you missed the news, we celebrated her 18th a week ago!

The enthusiasm that Sue, Leanne and Vicky  share for child directed learning is helping me re-connect with a part of myself I lost in burnout zone. Thank you dear friends, keep writing and sharing.{{}}

My mind is bubbling over with lots of posts ideas at present; Our Outback Trip, Rural Living, Children’s Doings, My Musings, Home Education, Books, Home Arts etc. Like Jeanne I wonder just what keeps my readers ( I know you are there dear friends, although most of you remain silent)  I know different posts interest different folks, as one relative told me, “I just skip over your book posts”.  So what type of posts do you prefer?  I’d love to know. 

Would you like to suggest any authors worth reading? I’m a big lover of fiction, quite happy to read a wide genre, depending on the mood I’m in.  If I find an author who writes well I’ll read any novels by her/him.  I love mysteries particuarly historical mysteries, I also enjoy Australian authors, and occasionally biographies if  thought provoking.  Suggestions?

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  • Chareen

    Boys dress up ideas: Toy Story – Woody, Buzz Light Year, Policeman, Sheriff, Indian, Cowboy, Space Cadett,

    Have you read any of Ralph Moody's books ? They are wonderful and all true stories. It's actually a series of books that are his autobiography. Brilliant read. The first book is called: Little Britches.

    The spring cleaning bug is starting to buss around in my mind and I intend to start in a couple of weeks time 🙂

    PS I am looking forward to reading about your outback adventure 🙂

  • Willa

    1. Knights, pirates, ninjas, generic space ranger.
    2. The same thing happened to me recently only over here it was fall cleaning.
    3-4. Congratulations! And happy birthday to your daughter
    5. Me too
    6. I really like the variety on your blog so all of the ones you mentioned sound good.
    7. If you have an ereader — I was enjoying reading some of Charlotte Yonge's books this summer. They reminded me a little of fictional Charlotte Mason for some reason.

  • RAnn

    I hit garage sales and bought up the most obnoxious clothes I could find for my daughter's dress up box. Lime green bridesmaid's shoes. Hot pink floppy sun hat. A whole tub full of clothes, and the tub cost more than the contents.

  • Jeanne G.

    Firefighter: Put some tape stripes on a yellow raincoat and get a fire helmet. Of course, if that's not what they wear in Oz, it won't really help you, but lots of little boys around here love it.

  • Sarah

    I second the person who mentioned Ralph Moody's books above. Also anything by Rosemary Sutcliffe – fantastic historical fiction set in early Britain. If you're new to her I'd recommend starting with "The Eagle of the Ninth", part of one of her best series.

  • Erin

    Thanks for the dress up ideas, I wrote up a list and hit the op shops, not a lot of success yet but still hoping.

    Outback and family are popular posts.

    Writing down Ralph Moody, Charlotte Younge and Rosemary Sutcliffe for reading ideas:) Thanks.

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