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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 94)

A few weeks ago I purchased Startwrite, I’d heard so many glowing reports and the thought of being able to print out copywork sheets was immensely appealing.  But…frankly, I am going insane, I can not work out how to use it!!  I can’t hear the tutorials, I can’t get the writing to be dark and I can’t paste poems onto the sheet leaving blank lines underneath. Arghh!! Can anyone help, pleaseee?

Talking purchases, PC bought a goodie last week. An industrial vacuum cleaner.  The nozzle is attached to the back of the gyprock sander and all the dust is sucked into the bag, best of all I can use it for household use too. This morning I vacuumed a rug and was so impressed with how it looked, I went on to vacuum the floorboards as well.

Princess is still deep in the throes of planning her own birthday party.  She has stepped it up a notch and begged to make her own birthday cake, a lovely number ten, iced and coated with coconut and chocolate shavings.  A beautiful success.

Not sure what is going on here at present but our younger ones seem to be often bickering and irritating one another.  Might be time to look at our daily rhythm and add in some more strenuous physical activity.  With Spring here it is an ideal time to re-introduce a daily Nature Walk, that used to be such a pleasure with the older children.

Jack Jack is just devouring any learning challenges at present.  He continues to absolutely love All About Spelling and is thriving with his new maths book.  I’m realising he is very happy when deeply engaged in learning and far more capable than I thought.  He is so proud of himself.

Recently I shared with a relative how I do not find it hard to give up certain types of food if it relates to the better health of my child/ren.  However, despite the fact that I know my own health suffers when I am not vigilant with what I eat, I am weak, it is just for me you see, so not so important.  As for exercise another neglected area, I make all sorts of justifications, but I have been thinking about exercise and leading by example. Whilst currently (most of) our children are active perhaps by not installing good habits and being a good role model I am affecting their health, albeit in years to come.  When I look at my lack of will power regards food and exercise in this manner I begin to see it all in a totally different light.

For some time I have been feeling a need to become once again more intentional in encouraging/directing our children in their reading matter.  Then I began stumbling across posts that have re-inspired me; an intentional reading plan and reading themes which reminded me our reading direction in years past.  When I read the simplicity of  Sarah’s progress lists it all fell into place.  I just need to simply choose several books suitable to the child’s ability based on our current history theme, also choose a faith and science title respectively and display on the book stand:)  That simple.  Well some may have to be encouraged to actually begin.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Erin,
    Sorry I didn't follow up on our get together the other week, our visitors stayed longer and then the kids took a holiday. Anyway, we must get together. I have startwrite and would be happy to give you some pointers. Maybe next week. Missy

  • Erin

    Come visit me next week:) and I would LOVE help, I'm going insane. Okay if I ring you later tonight?

    So lovely to see you still here. I'll take your question as a post request:) You have inspired me to take a few walks next week and then I can talk about it:) and I'll talk about what we used to do.

  • Linda

    hmm. I have Startwrite, and while I've not used it heaps, I have never had a problem with it. Mind you, I've always simply typed in the text, never used copy & paste. What do you mean by you can't get the writing to be dark? If you select the text, then click on the capital 'A' in the toobar above, it will change the text from dotted letters, to solid, etc., if that helps.

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