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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 96)

Driving home the other evening with Carpenter at the wheel, we pulled over for an ambulance with flashing sirens.  Much to our surprise the ambulance pulled off the road right in front of us, the ambo’s leapt out of the vehicle, hurrying to a woman in a phone booth.  We watched in total bemusement as she held out her leg for them to look at her.. toe!

Thursday we visited our local art gallery. Once upon a time, years ago, I used to take our older children to the gallery regularly.   When I explained to our middles where we were off to, imagine my embarrassment when a tween asked, “Does our town have an art gallery?”

Could anyone suggest their favourite ‘how to write an excellent essay’ site/resource for upper highschool?  Fine tuning is what is going on here at present.

This week our oldest two went rock and roll dancing and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Next they attended karate lessons and really enjoyed that too.  Now they have a decision to make, which one will they do?

I have been trying something a little different in the kitchen, dehydrating fruit.  Apples and pears but pears are the most popular by far, so ‘gnaw-ish’. We already use the dehydrator regularly to make teen’s grain free breakfast cereal, now we have discovered another possibility, I feel quite excited.  Alas one day we shall have to return this borrowed appliance.

A couple of years ago I spent hours entering all the liturgical year books we own into a data base, creating my own liturgical year resource.  My intent was that the organising of our books would aid us in reading about different saints on their feast days. Somehow I am not using the data and getting the books off the shelves into our hands. Sarah’s enthusiasm cataloguing liturgical books as renewed my enthusiasm. There must be some simple system to ensure I do this.  Should I consult the list and put all the books into a basket a week at a time, a month?  Some other idea?? How can I make this work?

Has anyone noticed the Rewind picture and post list on my blog sidebar?  Every Friday I share a link from my archives over at Then There were Four.  Our host, Multiple Mum very cleverly challenges us to find old posts for different categories; your favourite post but least commented on, your most controversial post, and more.  Each week I’m intrigued to see what new challenge MM has devised.

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  • Sarah

    Oooh- that basket idea is great. Maybe it could even be done once monthly? Would that ensure more success than weekly? If you stopped and gathered everything you need for, say, November… or would you need too big of a basket for that? 🙂

  • ccc

    I had to chuckle at your #2 on t he list. The same thing happened a few years ago about a local history museum with dinosaur bones. My middle and younger kids could not believe that I had been "hiding" this from them. We just had not gone in years since the family had grown and it was very hard to get out–well, you get the picture.

  • Erin

    Well I actually was inspired (by you) to start and printed out the sheet! and gathered the books for the rest of Oct. But I think I will do a whole month once we start Nov.

    Glad you can laugh about it, home I can one day, I'm still blushing.

    They really are scrumptious.

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