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A Miner’s Home

Days 5& 6 – Tuesday & Wednesday, 23rd & 24th August

Our first day in Mt Isa we rested, recovering from our travels.  Taking it easy and enjoying the time together with family.  To just spend time with two of my brothers and family was precious indeed.

Both ‘boys’ are renovating homes and were eager to show off their efforts.  We were extremely impressed.

On the Wednesday I was honoured to be entrusted with the care of our nephew T and took the four little boys to the nearby park.  Whilst I was at the park PC, my brothers, Chloe and our older ones headed over to work on the renovations.

The little boys thoroughly enjoyed their time together and over the week bonded with their small cousin.  Since we have come home they talk about him and wonder how long before they go back to visit with T again.

As our primary reason for travelling to Mt Isa was to spend time with family it was wonderful to see cousins bonding.

Treasured time to get to know our nephew T, he is a real darling, very easy going and sweet natured.

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