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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 98)

Like others, I’m not happy with the changes to google reader.  Too white, too stark but most of all they axed shared items!  I loved shared items, used it all the time, not only to ‘file’ articles for myself, but read shared items of others, finding yet more gems.  The only solution I thought was to create yet another board at pinterest;) Which solved my filing, but didn’t allow me to share.  Now a solution has been shared, (see comment) and I’m off to check out feedly.  (Kind of sounds like Feelie in Deltora Quest)

Whilst we are discussing technology, are you happy with your photo software?  We were formally with Kodak, and our new camera came with finepix studio. Never happy with Kodak but really dislike finepix.  I’d love to hear of fantastic options.

We’ve spent the past week researching solar options, solar electricity and hot water.  We know far more about solar electricity than before, our children have created posters on solar energy.  The problem is the length of our house, 22 metres from one end to another; one bathroom at one end, all other wet areas at the other end and the kitchen in the middle.  Options and decisions.
Did you know?
Fact 1. After July next year electrical hot water systems will no longer be sold.
Fact 2. Electricity bills are set to rise by 15% next year! more after that.

After sharing last week that Bass was still in 00s, it is apparent that I really need to unpack his 0s this weekend.  PC refuses to dress him in 00s any longer, citing cruelty, and I’m afraid I have to concede, it’s true, he is too long. Talking Bass, he is belly crawling everywhere! Too, too fast.

What an incredibly busy week we have just experienced.  We’ve been to town nearly every day this week.  Swimming lessons twice a week, not arriving home until 7.20pm.  We attended Mass for both All Saints and again for All Souls, and had an impromptu visit with a friend:) Yet another day our town celebrated it’s annual festival.  Of course our two oldest teens are busy coming and going with Tafe, karate twice a week and work. We were so grateful to just enjoy being at home today.

Recently I’ve had a surge of enthusiasm, clarity and energy.  It has just occurred to me why, Bass is past the six month mark and this has always been my experience after six months post-partum, there is a new me:)  This is when PC starts warning me that perhaps I’m might be taking too much on;)

Please keep Anna Maria in your prayers, tomorrow is a BIG day for her.  She is undertaking a very special exam, I shall share the whole story soon.

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  • Pieces of Sunshine

    You have been busy, easier to manage before the heat of summer kicks in.

    We have solar hot water and a solar grid-feed system. Some people prefer gas hot water, this may work better for you or a combination with gas in one location and a solar system in the other. With PC's skills and the boys you may even be able to engineer and build a basic solar hot water system.

  • Tracey

    No electric hot water systems! Oh no. I didn't want to know that. Mine better not die for sooooome time then or we'll be having really cold showers. Sigh. Change. I don't like it.

  • Sarah

    I'm totally annoyed with google, too! I'm using Friend Feed to share items now. I don't like it as much as I liked sharing in reader, but it works, and I can still read everything in Reader.

  • Erin

    Gas is hugely expensive! we are thinking of a gas booster though with the solar hot water. D knows of an engineer in town who built his own system for his pool.

    It was a surprise to me too!

    thank you:) she thinks she did well.

    I ended up signing up for Feedly, lovely visual, but it doesn't allow me to share (that I can see anyhow) I saw you had Friend feed,(been reading your shares as usual:) ) must say the size is huge. are they 'big brother?'

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