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7 Quick Takes Fridays (Vol 14)

I have just purchased a few outfits for myself for winter. It has been a few seasons since I have bought anything. I can’t begin to tell you how good it feels to have some new winter clothes in my wardrobe. Well technically they aren’t there yet as I will receive them for Mother’s day on Sunday:)

Talking about clothing, I have enlisted my sons help in losing weight so I can fit back in to my jeans for winter. The boys have taken to this task with enthusiasm and have designed an exercise program that consists of multiple situps, pushups, step routinues, burpees and sprints. I have my own cheer squad and receive various methods of encouragement from working along with me to physically propelling me down the driveway at a faster sprint.

Koala and her friends have started a book club. Their first ‘meeting’ is tomorrow. The idea is to read one book a month and then get together and discuss their responses to the book. This is a lovely small group of girls and I’m very excited for her. Special memories.

Regarding books, I’m currently enjoying a ‘new’ author, GA Henty. Koala has been keen on his books for a time and Carpenter has started reading them too. I’m reading ‘With Lee in Virgina’ and learning an incredible amount about the American Civil War. Although I have even more questions now. So my Southern American friends will be receiving emails shortly;)


Carpenter has been designing various board games for years, it is a passion of his. The past couple of months have seen Carpenter and Einstein designing their own Lord of the Rings Game.

The game involves ‘tokens’ that represent characters from the LOTR book/movie. Each token has particular points. This all requires a large amount of space, however after a few meals of no access to the dining room table the game has moved ‘quarters’.

I’ve started knitting another nappy cover. This one is more ‘boyish’ in colour. Lots of greens and blues. One cover really isn’t enough as the wool takes so long to dry.

Our new educational purchases have arrived and we are very happy with our choices. I promise to write a review of said purchases. I’m still needing to compile literature lists for Koala, have any of my readers suggestions for good booklist recommendations for a 15 year old?

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