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Mothers Day – And Chomper

Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day and I had such a special day; I truly felt treasured:)

The morning began with a mad dash out the door to get to 8am Mass, therefore I had time to only open one present, just in time to wear it to Mass;) Imagine my surprise as we approached the highway and I saw this:

All Saturday the shed resounded with sounds of the saw and I was under strict instructions not to approach. I am so thrilled with my new mailbox, last week the mailman placed book parcels in my box and they got wet! Twice!! I instructed Carpenter to go down and remove said box so something would have to be done. Fortunately my darling husband took up the gauntlet.

My custom made mailbox is certainly unique, I’m certain there are no other recycled car tires on our mailman’s run. Don’t his teeth look realistic? and I love the mesh in the bottom for the mail to sit on and you can’t see it but there is a hole drilled in the bottom for the water to drain. No more wet parcels:) The ‘jaws’ can receive quite large parcels too.

The children have all affectionately named the mailbox ‘Chomper.’

After Mass I opened more presents; winter clothes which I badly needed and Tim Tams which I also badly needed;)

We then had a picnic at the local tennis court and had a wonderful afternoon. We wondered why it had taken us so long to visit, but you can be assured we plan to return very soon.

We had a lovely couple of games of doubles and singles. Jem was quite happy to sit in the pram and watch for a time.

The playground was a big hit with the younger ones.

We returned home and the spoiling continued, with tea being cooked by my caring husband, one of my favourite parts of Mother’s Day is having the night off cooking. Thank you my darling children and husband. A Mother’s Day to remember.

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