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7 Quick Takes: Lots of Projects


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We use the Readerware database to keep track of our extensive collections of movies and books. I love being able to track what books (and movies) we do and don’t have and one day I’m going to splurge and buy the mobile phone app as well, it will save having to ring from town asking my teens to check the database. It’s rather fun hearing the beep as the scanner reads each bar code as new books enter our home (and the database), yep I’m a nerd.  One thing irks me though, some sellers place their price tag right over the top of the barcode, grrr! I then spend ages trying to peel their sticker off so I can scan the barcode


Last weekend we noticed a Koala sitting on a stack of timber only 5 metres from the house! Initially we weren’t too concerned, he looked reasonably healthy, he didn’t have the Red Eyes that we’ve grown to associate with Chlamydia, hours passed and still he sat there, a closer look revealed gummy eyes. We are in a Koala corridor and this is the third Koala we’ve found with Chlamydia. We put in a call to Wires and they came and took him away to begin treatment, hopefully he will survive



During the last fortnight we celebrated Jem’s 10th birthday! The years have simply flown by, I can’t believe this impetuous child who ‘leaps before he thinks’ is ten already, and so grateful he actually made it to ten, there have been some moments… thanks be to God for his Guardian Angels… He declared it the BEST birthday ever, when his big brother Einstein, 21 years, drove home seven hours to surprise him, and declared his brother the BEST PRESENT!!! The joy and surprise on the children’s faces when they saw Einstein, so precious. He also hosted his first birthday party complete with friends and told me later that he was so surprised that they all gave him a card AND presents, he wasn’t expecting presents! So sweet



The birthday cards did highlight an area we need practice in though, opening envelopes! In total bemusement I watched him unfold each glued down section of every envelope until the envelope lay opened, completely flat. I wondered why didn’t he just slit the top of the envelope? Then I realised, we rarely receive mail these days, the correct method of opening envelopes must be a lost art


Spring finds us turning our attentions towards the garden, we have a huge garden that was created by the previous owner, mostly Australia natives so thankfully rather hardy, still they were in drastic need of mulch. 9 tonne of woodchip duly arrived and with ‘many hands making light work’ we are slowly covering the garden, though I think another 9 tonne will be needed before we are finished



Some dear friends and I recently had a heartfelt conversation, we shared our sadness about the push by the government and society for mothers to enter/return to the workforce as soon as possible, how there is a very clear message that motherhood is not valued. I could say so much on this topic, suffice it to say my heart is heavy



Went to sew mesh bags today with my overlocker, it’s been years since I’ve used it and I discovered I’m missing the foot! Could I have somehow given it away?! I can’t work out why it’s not there. So turning my attentions to other projects that I only need the regular machine for, one is to convert adult linen/cotton shirts into summer nightgowns for Bella(4). I’ve been looking at these shirts for awhile and am rather stumped at how to convert them. Previously I’ve cut a ladies nightgown down to fit Bella, but for that alteration I ‘moved the top down’ and cut a new neck and armholes and shortened the sleeves at their top. This time I want to keep the neckline as the collars are lovely, so what to do? These instructions on how to resize an adult t-shirt for a child indicate there are not going to be any short cuts, I think I’m going to have to do as last time, only this time I’ll unpick the collar, alter and then reattach, still researching

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  • jen

    Take #6 surprises me because I thought you had at least 18 weeks of paid leave. (In the USA, we have no official paid leave and if you get any depends on your company.)

    • Erin

      I refer to the push for mothers to enter back into the workforce, tax benefits & breaks and childcare benefits are being given to those who enter into the workforce with less and less support for those who wish to stay at home.
      There is a very clear social message being given from the higher levels and throughout all society. It’s extremely sad and disturbing.

  • Jodie

    Take #6 makes me sad too. To be devoted to bringing up your children is seen as old-fashioned and, worse, unnecessary. Here in New Zealand we have a Prime Minister who is juggling motherhood as well as running the country and sees herself as a good strong example of a modern woman. To me, paid parental leave (and we have 26 weeks of it) is neither here nor there, it still means leaving your baby and returning to work. Society and our government are tirelessly working to get as many women back into the workforce as possible because money (apparently) makes the world go round. I think we will see the consequences in society very soon. Like you, there is much I could say, but all I can do is sigh heavily and turn back to the task of nurturing my children with all of my heart.

    • Erin

      Precisely, motherhood and fatherhood is being devalued.
      Your Prime Minister also has her baby’s father home full time caring for her daughter so it’s not comparable to those parents whom are both juggling careers and have children in daycare.
      This push doesn’t even make financial sense, despite this being their arguement.
      You have said much very well and we will see consequences, I believe we are already seeing some.

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