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7 Quick Takes (Vol 125)

After a sobering visit at the dentist yesterday, I’m researching oral health and how to Cure Tooth Decay.  Most fascinating.

The benefits of sleep and exercise has been another area of health we have been targeting lately. Some family members have made personal changes in their routine and it all makes a difference.

Princess has been struggling with fractions, which has then led to the realisation that, first we need to revise multiplication.  I am also checking out various living math sites: Living Math, The Reading Nook, Best Children’s Books, and love2learn.There are some wonderful living books to choose from, I prefer the sites though that group by age target as well as sub-topic.

Check out this Ultimate List of Inexpensive Art Projects!  I’ve long felt rather uninspired and unmotivated regards art, but this list is creating hope that my enthusiasm may return.

Only 3 more weekends of soccer season left:)  Whilst the children are rather sad about that, in particular Jelly Bean, I’m looking forward to having my weekends back.

Carpenter’s primary study focus for the rest of the year is essay writing.  This week he wrote his first speed essay, and it was impressive!  He also wrote an email to a number of ‘dignitaries’ and it too was impressive.  He has indeed been blessed with a talent in this area.

Whilst I’m on a boasting mama streak, would it be too much to admit we’re darn proud of our children.  They are rather impressive individuals, just saying.

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