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Homeschool High School Carnival!

It is with great excitement that I share with you the launching of Homeschool High School Carnival!!

Homeschooling our children through the high school years can be one of the most rewarding times in our homeschool journey, the fascinating conversations, the delving deeper into learning, nurturing the emergence of our children into young adults is captivating.  Yet this journey can also be a time of uncertainty, a questioning of our discernment as we help our young adults make decisions and reach their potential.

There is a need for families homeschooling high schoolers to support and inspire one other.  Recently an idea was born and the flames were fanned to life of a way in which we could achieve this. We could ‘gather together’ and share our stories and journeys within a Carnival.

We are thrilled to be launching the Carnival on September 4th, we have an awesome team of women keen to host our Carnival and we have some fascinating topics proposed. If you are homeschooling high schoolers or your young adults have graduated we’d love to have you join us.

Our ‘kick off’ topic for September 4th is:

The Wide View….How does your family’s ‘big picture’/goals/educational philosophy affect/guide your planning and translate into what your highschoolers do on a daily/weekly basis? Do you generalise or specialise?

Or you may simply share any topic related to homeschooling high schoolers. We’re looking forward to a sharing from families from many backgrounds worldwide.  Your hostess for September will be moi.  Uncertain as to what exactly is a carnival? Head over for the details on how to join in the fun.

Look forward to ‘seeing you’ there:)

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  • Catherine

    Hi Erin!
    Thank you for the invitation to join in. I'll work on writing up something in time for the launch. 🙂
    (It's been busy here lately, so I haven't been blogging as much as I used to. This will be a good way to make sure I still write!)

  • Sue

    Hi Erin! Thanks for letting me know about the Carnival! Finding info on homeschooling teens has been such a challenge, I can't wait to read the words of wisdom from those who have been there and done that! My son (the TEEN) chatted to me tonight that he thought he should go back to school as he was worried about 'being dumb' and not having a job in the future because of being homeschooled. I can't wait to share with him the stories of successful, 'not dumb' people who were homeschooled – and survived to tell the tale 😉 Cheers Sue

  • Cinnamon

    Such a great idea. We always need encouragement don't we~

    I am looking forward to reading all the wonderful hints, testimonies and ideas.

    Thank you for sharing this!


  • Sarah

    Hey this looks great! (thanks for the link- you're right, my little missy is keeping me so busy I'm not doing too much blog-hopping these days- but I'm happy to see this and see what your lovely family has been up to so I'm very glad you linked!)

    Gonna keep my eye on this carnival, for sure.

  • Anna

    Oh I am so glad to have found this, what a wonderful idea! As this will be my first year teaching my daughter at high school level, I need all the advice/ideas I can get my hands on 🙂 I'm looking forward to being inspired & learning!

  • Ruby

    Hi Erin, I have been here before but just calling over as I go through Jeanne's list of friends from this morning's post. This looks interesting so I will stay tuned to read the Highschool carnival posts.

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