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7 Quick Takes (Vol. 26)

Yesterday PC’s brother Chris turned 30th. Happy Birthday Uncle Chris:)


Wednesday, the East Coast of Australia was blanketed by a dust storm. We could feel dirt, we could smell dirt, we could taste dirt.

I took advantage of the sale at Knowledge Quest and purchased both of Ann Voskamp’s Child’s Geogrpahy books for half price! These books are recommended for the Serendipity Geography. *Sale ends tomorrow.

We’re trialing a new lesson tracking sheet, not too sure if it will change anything. I guess I have to be firmer regards reward systems, I find it all so hard, its not really my nature to be ‘consistently firm’ on this topic.

Rather surprisingly I’m already thinking Christmas. We’ve come to the conclusion that there is a dearth of childrens’ products in our town. I think we’ll be buying via ebay shops.

Last weekend I spent time learning more about google calendar. This weekend I plan on organising my liturgical plans for October with the aid of google calendar.

I’ve discovered another feature of google, a way to translate blogs from one language to another. I’ve long wanted to read Sybille’s blog and now I can:) I subscribed to Buntglas in my google reader and then clicked on the settings button, ‘language translator’ drops down, click; that simple.

Bonus After my post last week I was asked what a chook is. A chook is Aussie for chicken.

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