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Father ‘Meranti’

Two years ago I was totally inspired by Jennifer’s Fr Oak, not only the craftmanship of the materials but the whole concept behind Father Oak. To help focus the children’s attention on the liturgical year in a visible and tangible manner. Everyday the children change the vestments of the ‘priest’ in conjunction with the liturgical colours of the day.

However I was a little daunted and sat on this project for a couple of years. It wasn’t until I saw Charlotte’s Father Dowling that I thought; “Oh I can do that!”

So I set out op-shopping to see what I could find. And found a mug holder, and mugs; I purchased the holder only;)

When I arrived home I discovered the ‘extra arms’ simply could be screwed out.

I purchased quilter’s cotton for the vestments; I didn’t need much. Then I played with a piece of greaseproof paper shaping a template until I was happy.

Making the vestments didn’t take long, I hemmed the edges with the machine and my mil quickly hand stitched the necks.

The chasubles have yet to be decorated as I don’t like any of the ribbon in the craft shops. Perhaps if I had finished before seeing Anne’s Father PineπŸ˜‰

Other ‘Priests’ include Gae’s Father Pines created by her very talented son Braeden, be sure to see her chasubles.
Suzanne’s Father Birch is also very inspiring.

If you are looking for something very easy Ruth has a quick solution

Also Charlotte has created a matching game for her little one.

Our children really enjoy changing the vestments. Thank you Jennifer and friends for the ideas and inspiration:)

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  • jenmack

    That is so creative!!!! I love seeing the example of others as they think "outside the box"!!!!!!! This is just wonderful – a mug holder?! How perfect! Father Meranti is just wonderful!

    I'm so glad you let us know! Bravo for your creativity!

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