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7 Quick Takes (Vol 47)

It has been raining intermittently all week and is forecasted for the next few days. The tanks are filling up. For a family of ten I feel we are rather economical with our water consumption. 5 thousand gallons of water will last us six weeks.

Monday week we hold our annual homeschool Athletics Carnival. This event has been part of our life for over a decade now and I know how blessed we are. The children compete in track and field events amongst our local homeschool group, and this year we have families coming from three other towns, some as far as a couple of hours away.

Koala’s job interview was yesterday. She was happy with how it went and presented herself well. We haven’t yet heard anything. She was totally calm and cool. I must say she has nerves of steel and an admirable philosophy to life. “Why worry Mum, about things you can’t change?”

I’ve been branching out into new fiction genres. Mostly reading Australian authors and contemporary biographies. Enjoying the books so far but not nothing is really capturing my enthusiasm.

Clear communication has been on my mind lately. We need to be very clear in stating what we mean, not just assuming the listener knows what we mean. This is vital when teaching a learner driver, directions must be clear and intent never assumed. Makes me ponder communication in general.

Have you ever wondered which Catholic blogs are among the most frequented? Check out the top 200 by Google reader subscriptions!
Some of my favourites amongst them:)
HT Jenn.

Remember I mentioned last week I might garden? After PC stopped laughing he hustled me outside and we spent a couple of hours tackling the back garden. Looking better already, but a way to go yet. I must share photos.

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