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7 Quick Takes Friday(Vol 49)

Last week PC bought four new computers. Our family tradition is to name computers, generally to reflect their history. Some are named after their givers, we have computers called Uncle Dom and Uncle Chris. In the past we had a couple called Hope and Charity. Charity was given to us, and Hope was “Hope Mum let’s us play” 😉 Well the 4 new additions are now duly named; Merry, Pippin, Frodo and Sam.

On the weekend I was blessed to find bookcases at a garage sale!! I’m praying that I find a slide at a garage sale this weekend. Our Birthday Week starts next Wednesday (3 birthday’s in the one week) and I’d so love to add a slide to our playground.

Talking about the new bookcases I am rather procrastinating about organising the library. It is all the adult faith books that overwhelm me; will we read them? which ones should I keep? will they be helpful? will they deepen our Faith? First though I need to sort them into categories; Saints, History, Mariology, Theology, Liturgy, Spirituality, Creation/Evolution, the list goes on and on. Anyone want to come and do it for me??

Since Ellie died, we have noticed a dramatic increase in kangaroo droppings around the house. Down in Burnie, Tasmania, there are plans to make paper from roo poo. I’ve just been discussing with the children about how making our own paper would be educational. A holiday project perhaps?

Next week is our last week of Term, inspired by Brandy Afterthoughts on Charlotte Mason Examinations, I’m intending on creating a few exams. I think the children will find it rather fun.

I’m currently reading The Acne Cure by Terry Dubrow and doing some further research into the safety of his recommendations. We are always wary about what we place on our skin. On the otherhand acne is not a pleasant condition for the sufferer. Any thoughts?

My reasons to blog are twofold,
1.Primarily I blog to journal snippet’s of our family’s life, for us. I had so many good intentions over the years and nothing worked, until blogging.
2. Blogging is my creative outlet. We all need to feature creativity in our lives in some manner, I’ve tried many avenues but am not that passionate about anything, except language. Language in the written or spoken form has always been a constant in my life.

I’m engaged in an inner debate with myself at present, if my primary goal is a family journal, should I discuss some meatier topics that keep circling in my head. I’d like to but a)I don’t wish to offend anyone who thinks differently to me and b)I don’t want any flaming. Thinking, thinking….

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  • Young Mom

    I love to organize books! I'd love to do it for you. 🙂 My blog is also my creative outlet, its kind of a relief to get it out of my system. I enjoy reading deep topics, and I'm not usually offended as long as the person doesn't insist that there way of understanding something is the ONLY way possible and everyone else is an idiot. And I do try to refrain from flaming in general, takes to much energy! 🙂

  • Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

    My blog is a creative outlet for me, since I am new at this stay at home Mom gig. I am also starting to home school my oldest who will be kindergarten in the fall. I like to read about others who have already walked this journey, and know that I am not alone.

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