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Instant Free Access to Mathsonline Primary!

I’ve shared before our happiness with our highschool maths program Imagine our excitement to discover that they are releasing their trial version for Primary, Grades 4-6. Get immediate FREE access to this award winning Primary Maths program, Mathsonline. Follow the link below to their years 4 to 6 trial site.
login(automated): trial
Password: au

Forward this link on to EVERYONE!

From the company:
What the trial version has;

· 280 + lessons (2 to 10 minutes long) with audio visual pause/rewind capabilities. Covering approx’ 90% of the various Australian States yr’s 4 to 6 curriculum.
· Lessons are far more oriented towards developing numeracy/problem solving skills in our students than the high school version. Are very age appropriate.
· Each lesson has a bank of up to 200 inter-active questions.
· Each attempt at the inter-active questions provides a printable summary of the attempt as well as the solutions to the questions attempted.

What the trial version does not have, but the full version does;

· The task/homework setting capabilities (because you won’t have individual logins using this trial version)
· The teacher, parent and student reporting mechanisms (because you won’t have individual logins using this trial version).

This trial site will shut down at 4 pm on Friday July 30th, 2010.
I’ve yet to contact the company to discuss what price they are offering home educators, but I have every confidence they will do their best to make this available to us.

My two primary students are currently trialing Mathsonline and thoroughly enjoying the experience, I’ll let you know more as we progress further.

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