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A Portrait A Week – November 4th Edition

A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2013



1. Our annual local fun run yesterday. Over 300 participants, Michelangelo and Princess competing in the 2km race, a tie when I caught this shot.
Michelangelo came 5th in his age division, Jelly Bean 3rd place in hers.  She was disappointed to not take home first place this year, having won the three previous years, however as I reminded the children training would be an optimum idea!


2. Jack Jack pulled out all stops, ran on his own this year, so proud of him, he has grown in confidence. Placed 6th in his age division.



3. What a shock to see Jem run in on his own, we’d planned for him to run with a couple of older children. “They were too slow” he said. He came in 3rd place in the Under 5s.



4. We’re always so very proud of Princess having a go, running for her is not enjoyable but she doesn’t like to be left out of a family affair.  It mustn’t be easy being the middle of a family in which athletic ability comes easily to others and not you.  She was ecstatic to realise she came in 8th out of 22  for her division, a real confidence booster.  Well done darling, you make us proud.


5. Home resting after the morning’s run, playing with a new game, won as a spot prize.
6. Einstein ran in the 5km race, alas I didn’t arrive in time to cheer him in, but he placed 23rd overall!!! and 3rd place in his division. “Imagine Son if you’d trained”!!


7. Sweet cheeks, love Bass’ soft baby skin, growing fast lately.
Joining over at Jodie this week.
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