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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 171)

Last week I posed the question, “How many posts do you have in drafts?” and received answers as varied as; 3, 8, 40 and incredibly 453!! I’ve been inspired to challenge myself, I’m hereby committing to publish/delete at least half of my draft posts in the next seven weeks (before the baby is due). Thankfully I only have 8 draft posts, couldn’t imagine achieving my challenge with 40 or more!!  At least half of the posts are rather heavy and potentially controversial topics (which I’ve previously avoided) so I’ve set myself quite a challenge.

Whilst discussing blog posts, I find it fascinating that my recent Leap into Literature post has had double the hits of any other post this week and last, with the exception of my previous Leap into Literature post, and yet it has received no comments.  I’ve noticed this before, the amount of comments isn’t necessarily an indication or how popular a post is.

Has anyone noticed my tendency to occasionally have a play on literary titles when creating a post title?  Consider Verandah with a View, anyone see the literary connection?

Jem had me chuckling today at Mass for the Feast of All Saints, 200 students filed in from the local highschool and he whispered to his sisters, “They’re a big family!”

Well it appears I may have joined the 21st Century, this week I purchased a touch screen phone and am learning how to send text messages.  I’m slow but I’m happy with myself, what amazes me is how quickly Princess (12) just knows what to do!!

Pam has shared an invitation to join her in a journey of living the faith in our families, a co-operative of encouragement in living liturgy in our homes.  I’m very excited about this practical and inspirational motivation.

Cindy has continued to share her Morning Time plans and memories, today’s once upon a time took me down memory lane, evoking many memories of reading. I remembered reading together under the doona through the winter, reading outside whilst children played in the sandpit, reading on the lounge with children all trying to sit on top of me, fighting for the space next to me or curling along the top of the lounge above me.
Day after day after day after year after year after decade after decade. Little tiny moments captured in such a way that they would never be forgotten. Not by me, not by them. 

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