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A Very Special Christmas Gift

 Christmas this year is eagerly anticipated in our home,  we are already counting down the months until the Birth of the Christ Child, not only because it will be His Birth, but….. this Christmas we will be holding in our arms our precious new Gift from God.  Baby is due to be born December 22nd but as is well known, they come on their timetable (mummy is praying early, thank you;)

Our children are all so very excited, every day they chat about the baby, give her/him a little caress, and bemoan just how long they have to wait until the arrival.  The joy in which they all received our news just makes our hearts sing.  Our older children were so delighted when we rang and told them, and though they are saddened by the fact that they will be away at College for most of the baby’s early years, a huge blessing of having a Christmas baby is, they will be home for several weeks right at the beginning:)  Plenty of time to bond.  We’ll have 20 years between our oldest and the baby, which incidentally is the same difference between myself and my youngest sister.

Begging for prayers though as we do have a ‘slight’ complication, I have a subchorionic hematoma (blood clot), I’m trying not to worry too much, but it is a niggling concern nevertheless. Actually I’ve had a subchorionic hematoma previously with Jem, but as that was a positive outcome my thinking is good (mostly).

Must be off as I have a date with a ‘Dictionary’, 14,000 names to cull through, and as Jelly Bean is sooo keen on a sister (it’s been 9 years since our last girl baby!) I best brush up on girls’ names too.  My previous choices no longer appeal, so starting from scratch. If you want to suggest some names I’d be most appreciative.
Criteria is:
– Saint’s name
– Not Common
– Strong for boys
– Pretty for girls.

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