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‘Archaelogists Dig For Clues’

We have just started using RC History and the opinions from the children vary(typical, standard procedure.) Following RC History in chronological order means that we go right back and start history from Creation onwards. As well as studying the earlier parts of Genesis we are reading archaeology books. For the first time in a long while I am seeing the children become excited and this book is sparking off lots of ideas and questions:):) Archaeologists Dig for Clues

After reading the book the children were eager to show me a fossilized rock in the paddock. If you look closely you can see wood in the rock.

They were also inspired to ‘make’ artifacts. Carpenter made a stone spear.

Michaelangelo is busy making a stone axe, and he also discovered a ‘mortar and pestle’ perfect for grinding seeds.

After ‘experiencing’ life in an early village the children were keen to carry out an archaeological dig.
Einstein and I hid ‘artifacts’ in the sand pit and the younger children arrived to carry out the dig. Michaelangelo had been listening very closely to the care needed on an excavation site and he arrived with a brush to carefully brush away the sand. Now his plot was a fair size with a lot of sand between himself and the artifacts. But he preserved in this manner and was finally rewarded.

We thought that it was only natural to find animal ‘bones’ on a dig;) Jelly Bean thought the whole exercise was alot of fun.

Princess concluded that she may not want to be an archaeologist after all as it is, ‘hot and hard work’.

Princess was keen however to find some fossils in which she was successful. This is what she came back from the paddock with. The smaller bone she is sharpening into an awl, the skull is a kangaroo’s.

* Note to self: Mark where you hide ‘artifacts’ on paper as you will forget and then will find yourself digging in the sandpit for half an hour looking for said artifacts.

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