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A Son’s Gift to his Mother

Just in time for Advent, Dawn at Sun and Candlelight is hosting the Loveliness of Handmade Gifts. Be sure to ‘drop’ in and be inspired by the many talented ladies and their gifts.

Last year we shared gifts made by Koala and Prince Charming. This year I would like to share what my Carpenter has made for me:)

At the beginning of Advent last year I was lamenting the fact that we didn’t have a ‘real’ manger, the dolls cradle we’d used for years, although made of wood wasn’t quite authentic. I could hear Carpenter busy hammering in the garage but was under strict instruction not to peek. A few hours later he emerged with a manger and presented it to me as an early Christmas present:):) As a mother this numbers among my most treasured gifts.

He assured me it was not too difficult and it is a wonderful addition to our Advent/Christmas celebrations. He is often a busy boy creating gifts for those around him.

Many blessing to you all in this time of creativity as we prepare for Him.

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