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Aussie NBTS – Meet Our Students

Our Worldwide Classroom Joining in with Kylie over at the Aussie Not Back to School Blog Hop.  Thank you Kylie for the invitation, extending the invite to all Aussie home educator bloggers to  join us in the fun.  This week we are introducing our students.

Without further ado I invite you to ‘meet’ our Seven(Plus) Little Australians, from the baby through to our recent and first ‘graduate’.  Our students have always been Home Educated.

Bass aged 10months

  • Always smiling
  • Completely easy going
  • Totally confident that he is the centre of the Universe
  • Takes all the love showered upon him as his due
  • Wants to be in on any action, commando crawls everywhere

Jem aged 3yrs 5months

  • Complete daredevil
  • Always climbing with the hardest head we’ve seen, which is just as well.
  • Extremely independent, yet gives beautiful hugs
  • Constantly talking
  • Keen to do anything his siblings do

Jack Jack aged 5yrs 7months

  • Exceptionally sweet with a loyal soul.
  • Thrives with individual attention
  • Incredible maths aptitude
  • Beginner reading with ease
  • Determined swimmer

Jelly Bean aged 7yrs 7months

  • Strong Athletic
  • A people person
  • Enjoys handwriting
  • Maths mostly comes easy
  • Emerging reader who also looks forward to read alouds

Princess aged 10yrs 4months

  • Recently discovered the joys of reading
  • Learns best with a literature based approach
  • Our ‘can fix-it’ girl.  An item needs repairing? Princess sets to with the tool kit
  • Enjoys organising and labelling
  • Loves all things girl, is wonderful company

Michelangelo aged 12yrs 7months

  • Talented artist and has a great sense of rhythm
  • Soaks up any and all knowledge, incredible memory
  • Keen scientist
  • Loves running
  • Complete extrovert and is very confident

Einstein aged 14yrs 10months

  • Quick mind and deep thinker
  • Eclectic reader who learns effortlessly in most areas
  • Keen observer of nature
  • Sensitive of others
  • Mature and responsible

Carpenter aged 16yrs 9months

  • Our networker, mature and responsible
  • Loves fantasy and is writing his own novel
  • A creative and conceptual thinker
  • Confident builder of; computers and homes
  • Talented Athletic

Anna Maria aged 18yrs 5nths

  • Our first ‘Graduate’
  • Speed reader with a eclectic taste who consumes a prodigious amount
  • Independent learner
  • Introvert who pushes her boundaries
  • Confident and calm,  simply awesome
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