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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 109)

We’ve just completed Week 2 of the beginning of the Australian school year.  Gone are the days that we start the term only to have me perpetually  re-writing our lesson plans every few days for the first few weeks.  I followed that script for many years but after years of home education I finally have a more balanced idea of what works and what doesn’t for our family.  Nowadays I only need to make small tweaks.

What is playing havoc with our daily rhythm this term are changes in family dynamics.  With our first about to leave home and another teen frequently working the lunch shift, which necessitates me tagging along as supervisory driver, our rhythm is shot.  Scrambling here to find our equilibrium.

Last weekend we discovered a snake on our side verandah.  Imagine our relief when we discovered it was not one of Australia’s many deadly snakes but a Diamond Python (Carpet Snake).  However we have been keeping the side door locked as, despite one son’s musing that it would be funny, albeit slightly funny, if the snake turned up in mum’s bed, we don’t think so!  Remember the bat that periodically flies through our house?  Well he is back and bolder than ever, flying around in the night whilst we are awake, swooping up and down the halls and over our heads.  Nobody else is annoyed, only me.

Anna Maria undertook and passed a stimulated driving test yesterday.  This now means she has her ‘Green Ps’ (provisional license).  She can now drive at 100km an hour and tow a trailer, this license is held for a minimum of two years.  Another milestone.  She has been rather busy finalising details and visiting various departments.  Today was her last day at the library, at least until she is home for her holidays.

It will soon be ‘kerbside’ pickup for our town, a twice yearly service wherein rate payers set out large items of rubbish for removal.  Often ‘one man’s junk is another’s treasure’ and many items are collected by passer bys prior to pickup day.  Tomorrow our ‘troops’ shall be marshalled and we will collect every item of rubbish from around the yards and sheds.  Sad to say they are not thrilled at the prospect, but I am:)  I’m also keen to see what passing drivers will take home.

In our battle against acne we are currently trying a new product from a brand new company.  We are focusing on replacing minerals and vitamins as well as repairing the skin.  A little early to come to a firm conclusion but thus far teen’s skin is the best ever!

The majority of the time I see myself as a fairly optimistic person, life is pretty good and looking on the ‘bright side’ definitely makes life’s challenges lighter.  So would you describe yourself as an optimist or a pessimist?  Is the glass half full or half empty?

Betty Beguiles is hosting 7 Quick Takes this week.

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  • ccc

    I totally understand the "easiness" of home schooling after doing it for years and knowing what works and doesn't work for our families…but, then the equilibrium of it all gets out of balance as the kids get older and out of home activities/jobs make that part of home schooling difficult!
    I would say I am optimistic..too optimistic my husband would say.

  • Modest Mama

    We have our big trash pick-up once a month and when the weather is good I love to cruise around collecting treasures. My best find so far has been a picnic table with four benches. All it needed was a coat of paint!

    Good luck with your treasure hunt!

  • Erin

    Tanya, CCC, I would have picked you for glass half full gals.

    Mod Mama
    I'm intrigued by which of my junk they are taking.

    Sarah and Angela
    We think the snake is gone but aren't too sure. The door is still locked.

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