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Autumn Days

A portrait of our children, once a week, every week in 2015

Last year I had every intention to take photos of our darlings daily, even weekly, I even committed to a weekly photo link up. Like many good intentions I managed a little, in fits and starts. Part of my struggle is online security, I worry about over sharing.  So then I do a circle and try to commit to just being private and not posting, but this meant I take even less photos, I’m a person who works best with deadlines. So back to sharing here.In a desire to improve my photography skills I signed up last year for an online photography course with Please Don’t Say Cheese and I’m learning so much, particularly now as I’m delving deeper into the lessons. I’m now chatting about metering, aperture, iso, shutter speed and depth of field.  Don’t I sound knowledgeable?;-) Well I sound smarter than I really am, but I’m slowly ‘clicking’ (pun intended) as the lessons are very well explained and really the most important detail is to put the information to use and practise, practise, practise. I’m also muttering about how my compact camera is limiting and won’t let me do what I want, but by the same token I’m discovering it can do much more than I realised.I’m on a deadline to complete the course by April, so be prepared for a deluge of children cuteness. If  pics of my children are not interesting for you, and I get that it may not be, I really do, click away and come on back later.
Last week we attended our niece’s wedding, and enjoyed a few days away together, just PC and I and our baby. The reception was held at a beautiful venue, the Golf Club of Mollymook on the South Coast, overlooking the ocean.


Ah two sisters, Princess and Bella, a rare moment of stillness. Such a busy girl.


Action in motion, trampoline stunts a part of everyday life


and a great way to burn off energy.
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