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Bathroom and Ensuite Completed!!

Our bathroom is completed!:):)  So very, very happy with how it looks:):)
Just love our bath, reminds me of a gravy boat:)
There are a few finishing touches needed but the majority of work is done.


Ah and the shower, you may just drool a little, I do;)
It is semi-frameless, a huge search to find what we wanted.
Our towel holders were an epic search, PC was determined to find a hook that would spread the towels to dry but we couldn’t find anything for a bathroom that showers potentially 6-10 people. Can you guess their ‘former life’?
Yep wire fruit bowls, they suit the decor and meet all his requirements.
Final look as you exit, to see how all flows.
Eventually there will be a basin installed to the left of the door, there is already a mirror awaiting.


The ‘hub’ and center of all, lots of action occurring here. The powder room to the left, toilet straight through and main bathroom to the right.
Ah powder room how I love thee!!  Really every large family should have one.  The powder room receives so much use and eases up congestion in the bathroom.  Over the holidays we had fourteen people in the house one weekend, one morning we were all getting ready for an 8am Mass, young ladies, young gents, bigs and smalls and we made it out the door in a timely manner.
Yep I love thee:):)  It makes me smile to walk past and see my big boys and girls fixing their hair, little boys brushing teeth, camera moments.
We ‘ran into a snag’ with the powder room, we had ordered semi-recessed basins and blithely thought it would be a matter of choosing a top and we’d be ‘good to go’. Um no. When we hit the hardware store and discovered a marble bench would be thousands of dollars, and we needed four, we ‘had a moment’! We then decided to ‘think out of the box’ and choose a kitchen benchtop, laminated compressed chipboard, far more affordable.
PC was able to cut one piece in half as they the boards were so deep, and then began the ‘nerve wracking’ moment, PC began to cut out the basin shapes. Princess coated the boards liberally with wet area coating for protection and we decided if we have to replace later it’s still cheaper than the marble.


Oh you want to see the toilet? Well standard issue but my these babies can cost a fortune, most start around $700! (I didn’t spend that much) Most likely where the name ‘throne’ originated I suppose.


Our ensuite, and how I love thee! Every day I feel as if I’m swanning in motel luxury.
I kept with the same choices as the main bathroom, I ‘like what I like’.


On the left you’ll note another basin bench and above PC built a built in cupboard with 4 shelves in total.  He plans to build a frame to hang a 2 walled mirror on, it will swing on hinges and cover the cupboard.
I’m very very spoilt I know with three bathroom/ensuites and a powder room, though discovering it all takes a bit of work to keep them all looking clean. Oh well first world problems;)
A huge, huge THANK YOU to my TALENTED husband, who undertook and ‘pulled off’ this massive project!!
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  • Sarah

    These look fantastic! So bright, airy, and well-thought-out (the wire fruit bowls crack me up – what a genius idea!). I also love the smart ways you saved like using kitchen counter materials. If it's any reassurance, all bathroom counters in our house are also inexpensive kitchen counter material and have held up well for over thirty years. You were so smart to split the large bathroom three ways between the tub/shower, sinks, and toilet to facilitate large family living and multiple users in privacy, too.

    • Erin

      Glad you like the fruit bowls!:) I thought it a great idea, was rather amused
      That is reassuring to know! the bench top was only $200, so if we do have to replace it's not really an issue
      Oh yes our 'powder room' it's working even better than I ever thought, and there will be a third basin and mirror in the bathroom too.

    • Erin

      It is just wonderful having so many bathrooms now! Yes one tiny shower between 12 people took some logistics. The powder room is what makes the biggest difference. Only thing is we have to have two hot water systems and the second can't be offpeak so that's killing our power bill

    • Erin

      What a lovely thing to say:) Encouraging you even in little renovations such as painting. Makes the world of difference, particularly when we are living in our homes all day

  • Theresa

    It's beautiful, Erin! I can imagine you love it so much for those times when you have so many people getting ready in the mornings! And I LOVE the fruit bowl / towel hanger idea! Genius! (needing to have a hanger which "spreads" a towel to dry is a feature that reminds lovingly of my father 😉 )

    • Erin

      I'm just so, so happy with it. And the towel hanger was genius, he was very determined to find what we needed:) So your Dad was an 'outside the box' thinker too:)

    • Erin

      Trying to think how much we'd done when you were here. It is a massive change from one tiny shower to all this!! Thanks, I think I was pretty patient too:)

  • Renee Wilson

    He sure is a talented man. He's done an excellent job! It looks amazing. Very clever to cut that chipboard in half too. I imagine you were all sweating over that one. I think the double sinks are great. Aren't they awesome?! You definitely need those in your big family. Meanwhile, you have a new commenting system. I like it 🙂

    • Erin

      Knew you and your D. would appreciate. Well yes it was a melting down moment in Bunnings that one! The one where you take a deep breath and take a walk and wonder, 'what are we going to do', and then I said to the assistant, "what do other people do?" well they buy a whole module, too late for that the basins were on the way and that;s what I wanted anyhow. So then I wondered "what do people use in their kitchens?" and so the solution was found. They of course didn't recommend cutting but we have it a shot and all good. Oh the double sinks are amazing!! Love them!
      ah and the commenting system, tried to install the fancier ones, couldn't get them to work, so here we are. Still think it makes for a closer community:):)

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