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The Beauty of Poetry

October 17th, 2006 fer

Term 4 has begun. Slowly we are getting back into the flow of another school term. This last part of the year I am determined to ensure that we revisit the poets. Every day for half an hour after our morning tea break we sit down with old friends and new. Today we all enjoyed revisiting Mr Nobody and other favourites. Then we enacted out with great flourish ‘Said the Spider to the Fly’ the children are considering presenting this one at our annual homeschool concert in a few weeks. When we turned the page to “Oh Captain My Captain’ Koala jumped up, grabbed the book and read it too us. There is just something about poetry that speaks to the soul, the richness of the words, the meaning behind, the familiarity of the old and the freshness of the new. This quarter we are also reading though an anthology of Catholic poets. Yesterday as we read about the Holy Babe Carpenter was inspired to write his own poem about the Christ Child which he scribbled down as we read.

His eyes are the Stars,
His Face is the Cloud,
Space that stretches on and on is His Cloak
His fingers are the Planets
His beaming smile is lit from the Sun.

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