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Bella’s 2nd Birthday

Bella bday 1
A few days before Christmas we celebrated our Bella’s 2nd Birthday.

She keeps us on our toes this darling girl of ours; confident, independent, cheeky, energetic and loud but oh so loveable.  She is totally assured that the world revolves around her, she has 11 people who reassure her daily that it does!  The children immediately leap to carry out her every command.  Bella loves to sing on top note thankfully in tune, any hint of music and she begins to dance. She is talking with far more competence and far earlier than any of our other children (who were all late talkers). Currently her favourite occupation is changing outfits, easily 12 times a dayand when she runs out of her clothes she just switches to her brother’s wardrobe, she has the most eclectic style! Fortunately she’s mastered dressing herself, insists on it, which is wonderful as I was getting rather exhausted by all those changings, I can now direct my energy towards keeping on top of her laundry.


Bella bday 2


We celebrated Bella’s birthday differently this year. On Bella’s birthday morn we were blessed to be holidaying with PC’s family in Kiama, a popular beach town destination 2 hours south of Sydney. Therefore we were able to celebrate with Grandma and a couple of uncles and aunts, and a few cousins as well, we enjoyed brunch together, a little party food and cake. Bella was gifted with some beautiful gifts.  It really made the day extra special to spend with family.


bella bday 4


In the afternoon we headed back up to Sydney to stay with our oldest two lads, to celebrate Bella’s birthday dinner with her big bros. The celebrations continued with more presents and more party food, a hugely successful day.


Two years ago when I realised I was due in the Christmas Season I was concerned that her birthdays would always be ‘lost in the shuffle’ of pre-Christmas preparations. I’ve been rather determined they won’t be and thus far I think we’ve done rather well.


bella bday 3


Our youngest daughter has bought us so much joy! Whilst naturally all of our children do, our emotional response to our youngest two, born when I was 39 and 41 is different. I now savour the moment in a ‘down to the bone’ way I never have before. If you are considering having a baby in your late 30s or your 40s, or are currently expecting one and are feeling apprehensive, I want to encourage you. My Grandmother was blessed with my aunt when she was 40 (my Mum too was blessed with my youngest sister at 41) and in her later years of life, she would share with me how much pleasure my aunt (who was only three years older than I) bought her.  Whilst there was no doubt Nanna loved all her children, my grandparents connection with their youngest was different.  I now understand what wisdom my Grandmother was imparting. Children born in this season of your life will bring forth such a deep response from you and in return they bring such joy.

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  • Maxabella

    Happy birthday, Bella!! What a lucky little girl you are.

    Your thoughts on having your last two bairns in an older ‘season of life’ are really interesting, Erin. Especially as so many mums are older having their first baby these days. I wonder if your feelings come from being older and wiser or rather from being experienced and relaxed. Either is good! x

    • Erin

      I’ve often pondered the answer to that question myself, I haven’t actually come to any conclusion. But I know I’m not alone in this feeling. Mmm I really should do some interviews of mums of both experiences and see what the consensus is.

  • Sarah

    Happy Birthday Bella. I loved reading about how you have found things different this time round. I must admit I have even noticed a difference with how relaxed I am with our third. As a result I think I am relishing everything more.

    • Erin

      Yes three certainly brings more confidence. I’ve noted with parents of more than one there is a difference even in how they how their babies. Just love the word relish! It says so much 🙂

  • Mary

    Happy birthday Bella! She’s so beautiful with her golden halo of hair.
    I had my last two in my 40’s and love the different relationship I am able to enjoy with them! Older/ wiser… 🙂

    • Erin

      I does look like a halo now you mention it!
      Yes, knew you’d understand exactly what I was trying to express about our 40s babies. It is different, very treasured

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