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2016: Happy New Year!

all family 2015 Dec

Happy New Year !

A New Year always comes with exciting possibilities or perhaps new challenges, depends on how we interpret it 😉

It’s been so long since I’ve managed to have a chat with you. Life indeed has been bursting and overflowing.

We’ve achieved so much living in the last month and I’m looking forward to catching you up on it all.

all children 2016 Dec

Our son’s Graduation from College, thousands of kilometres traveled, more building achievements, our Bella’s 2nd birthday, Christmas with extended family and our immediate, our first family holiday in 14 years.

Truthfully I entered the New Year feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  December and the weeks proceeding were rather epic. However with God’s Grace I’m managing to regain my equilibrium and am beginning to think ‘possibilities’ rather than ‘challenges.’

Hopefully I may also manage to share some reflections about the past year and plans and thoughts for the upcoming year over the next few weeks.

If you’re here reading, do pop in and say hi 🙂

If we haven’t ‘meet’ before I’d love you to share where you’re from and if you have a blog tell us what’s it about.

If you are one of my loyal commentators, be sure to still share your blog with our readers.

Perhaps you have a suggestion of what you’d like me to write about this year, I’m ‘all ears’ and shall do my best to satisfy your wish.

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed 2016.

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  • Jennifer M

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I want to hear more about your family holiday! I’m always fascinated by how you celebrate Christmas during the summer. I can’t ever wrap my brain around it. 😉

    • Erin

      Happy New Year to you dear friend 🙂 Just for you have written about a summer Christmas. Still working on posts about the holiday

    • Erin

      Happy New Year to you too xxxx I long for a quiet January, thus far all good. Do hope you’re enjoying a peaceful month too

  • Sherelle

    Yes, a happy and blessed 2016 to you all. I’d love to know where you stayed to fit 12! When we went to Brisbane a few years ago we had to book two units to fit 10 of us. It cost a fortune. We did stay in the city though. Part of the fun for us country folk was to catch trains everywhere! I hope you get a chance to catch your breath and recharge the batteries.

    • Erin

      May 2016 bring you many wonderful blessings. We stayed with our sons in their home. I’m writing a post for you about our holidays. But I do know what you mean about the expense for a large family, hence why we haven’t holidayed for 14 years. Yes the public transport was a big part of the thrill for the children.
      Slowly recharging

  • Laura Pearl

    Happy New Year, Erin! I love these pictures of your brood!

    I am going to adopt your idea of thinking of “possibilities” in 2016, instead of “challenges.” I find that if I even catch a glimpse of a young man in uniform, I well up with tears for my youngest son, who is stationed in Germany and whom I will not be able to see nearly often enough in the next few years. But looking on the bright side, perhaps my husband and I will be able to fly over there to visit him in his new “home.” That would be a great goal for 2016. There’s always a bright side, right? (Also, he could have been sent to much scarier places!)

    Wishing you and yours many blessings this year!

    • Erin

      Thank you! These photos are pretty special to me, they’re my family’s Christmas present to me, well I received others too but this is really important to me.
      Encouraging you to think possibilities {{}} I can only begin to imagine your feelings not surprised you have that reaction to men in uniforms {{}} Germany is certainly a possibility for you in 2016! Yes much scarier places indeed {{}}

      May you have a wonderful New Year full of possibilities 🙂

  • Marijke

    The best wishes for 2016, that it may be another fruitful year! Hope your January will be relaxing to gather up strength for another eventful year ahead! Love from all of us, let’s catch up soon! X Marijke

    • Erin

      Just beginning to think of all the wonderful opportunities 2016 may bring, love the freshness of a New Year. Trying to keep January low key, need to recharge. Was lovely to catch up this week 🙂

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