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Blog Review 2008

I am inspired by Kathryn at The Bookworm to join in the fun.

Post the first sentence of your first blog post of each month. You can also add a favorite picture from each month.

Back in November we decided to try our hand at making Gum Nut Babies.

I’m a Groovy Mother Hen

This week I have re-introduced an idea we have used before, personal checklist sheets.

I know Holy Week was three weeks ago, I’m a little late posting what we got up to.

For the past six years we have been fortunate to have the Latin Mass offered at our annual homeschool camp.

At the beginning of the year when PC and I sat down and discussed where the childrens’ learning was going this year, what was working and what wasn’t; one of the conclusions was that they/I needed more help in the maths department.

This Term we have been studying Roman History.

For so long I have wanted to have a 3 Column Template.

We have been continuing our history studies using RC History as our outline but substituting where I have felt a need for our family.

Term 4 starts back next week for us here, and I’m batting around different ideas in my head and not making progress.

We are a reading family, if I confess that Jem at 4 weeks old was issued with his own library card you will understand that I literally mean what I say.

As I’ve shared we have been trialling a new approach, I have written a little before about our Math Buster Monday and thought I’d share some further highlights.

This was an interesting exercise, one thing is for sure I don’t take enough pictures.
This great idea was started by Kelli at “There is No Place Like Home”: If you decide to join in the fun be sure to visit Kelli and add your post to her Mr Linky.

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