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Blog Tour: Gentle and Creative

Want to climb aboard with me as we embark upon another blog tour?
Last week we toured Aussie Farms and didn’t we view some lovely, eye catching blogs:)
Join me today as we spread the blog love and visit with some ladies who personify gentleness and creativity.

Karen at Pieces of Contentment is a dear friend and also a distant cousin, Karen lives locally and we have been friends for nearly seventeen years. A friendship with somebody as special, gentle and wise as Karen has an impact and she has modeled and taught me much over the years.  In some ways we appear similar we both; have a strong Faith in Our Lord, are mothers of large families, Karen has eight blessings, we homeschool and more recently we’ve shared a love of blogging and photography. Yet in many ways we also differ, Karen is so naturally creative and I stand in awe, her gentleness and creativity just shine through her blog.  Do visit, you won’t be disappointed.
Ginny at Small Things lives in Virginia, America with her husband and seven children. They live in a tiny house with seven children which has it’s challenges, I know, we also lived in a tiny house with seven children. Ginny is a fellow Catholic and she also homeschools. Their home is on acreage and they spend much time outdoors exploring, gardening and enjoying animal husbandry. Ginny is very creative and is passionate about knitting.  I am particularly drawn to Ginny’s photography and words, she sees beauty amidst the ordinary mess of life.
Arianne at Still Parenting lives in America with her husband and five children, she has a strong belief in Our Lord and homeschools. Arianne is of course creatively talented in numerous mediums and has the ability to see the ‘stillness’ in the everyday busyness of life with children. Her words, her photos reflect this and in turn inspire me to see the beauty in the everyday.
Lydia at Small Town Simplicity lives with her husband in Michigan with their six children and they are expecting their seventh. She is is a Christian and a second generation homeschooler who is educating her own children. Lydia has various creative talents, she loves to knit, all these knitting blogs I must admit I can’t knit, and like myself she is just beginning to stretch herself with photography. Lydia is also very creative with words and I love her Mindful Mothering Mondays, ther are always so profound.
Four gentle, creative ladies do drop in for a visit.
Have any other Gentle, Creative blogs to share?
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