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Blogs/Website Active Again:)

What a surprise to be back blogging!  Tuesday morning I awoke to discover I could not access my google reader, due to “suspicious activity.”  Imagine my horror when I flicked open my blogs and websites to discover  they had been “removed!”  Well thankfully Faith Filled Days was operating or I would have been really hyperventilating.  Actually I’m rather surprised at how calmly I took it all, I even suggested to PC that perhaps I would give up blogging, just too depressing to consider starting over.  All of this was compounded by the fact that over the course of the next few days both PC and I were sick so weren’t thinking too clearly.  All that was needed was an activation number sent to your mobile phone, however not so straightforward as we do not have mobile access out here.  By Thursday when we were thinking clearly PC was back at work with mobile phone in hand.  I requested the code and he immediately emailed it through.  Aussie Book Threads and both blogs were open again:):):)

My intent over the weekend is to finally learn how to back up all blogs and websites, because just what if it happens again and it is unretrievable?  I’ll be sure to post and let you know the simplest way.

And many, many thanks to who prayed for me and emailed me.  It was a lovely surprise to discover just who does read my blog and who noticed my absence.{{}}

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