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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 56)

Jack Jack has a cute little phrase, instead of “What time is it?” he asks, “What O’Clock is it?”
My teen boys are currently playing Star Wars online with Saxon who is many thousands of kilometres away.  I can hear a running commentary with each other, I wonder if Saxon has someone to chat away with on the other end?  The internet can be a wonderful tool to bridge the miles.

As you may have read google closed my blogs and a website this week for a few days.  Next on my list was to back them up just in case!  What if .. keeps running through my mind.  PC kindly rode to the rescue this afternoon and found a program.  One blog site backed up successfully, another two sites to go.  (Took 1.5 hours to backup 130MB)

PC, the smaller boys and I moved over to our new bedrooms this week.  Frankly I was very tired of sharing tight quarters with a 4 and 2 year old boy.  Oh the thrill to have a room to ourselves!  Jack Jack however is not keen, he keeps telling me he wants my bed back next to his.
(In the interest of honesty I’ll admit after the first night they found their way back to our bed)

PC came home all excited this week, he’d been op-shopping again and found 4 more ‘smokey grey’ cups to add to his collection. Aesthetically they are rather unappealing but the flip side is they don’t chip, the handles don’t snap and they generally bounce when they hit the timber floor, they are glass and clean and fit well in the dishwasher, they handle hot and cold drinks, they can go in the freezer and a large family needs good cups to hand.  In eighteen months we have only broken two, they just shattered inwards.
(aha it appears PC has hi-jacked my post!)

We have some big changes occurring in our Parish at present.  Instead of two priests for our town we will now have one.  One priest to care for a city of 20,000, a large proportion who are Catholic.  One priest to care for three parishes (four churches), three schools, a retirement and nursing home and Police Chaplaincy.  Somehow he will have to co-ordinate the six weekend Masses (I’m sure some will be cut), administer the Sacraments, officiate at the weddings, baptisms and funerals (of which there are many) an enormous task ahead.

I’m currently contemplating a focus on Australian Catholic History next term.  With the upcoming canonisation of Mary MacKillop I think it will be timely.  I’m thinking of sharing our studies in an ongoing series here, are you interested?

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