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The Fun Continued

After camp we were blessed to have the Maher family from South Australia come back and stay with us for a few days:)

The fun continued, the Maher’s were simply the easiest guests, the children visited so well together not a single arguement, and having a houseful of teenagers (nine teens in all) was fascinating.

The children attended a drama workshop together on the Saturday.
The R family came for the afternoon and most of the girls spent a happy time holding a music fest.


Whilst others watched DVDs

And the boys and younger girls played multiplayer games on the computer until I chased them outside;)

With the Maher and R families for tea we made quite a crowd, 29 in all.

The extensions were certainly a blessing this week.

Sunday passed quietly enough with only 21 at home;)  We managed to get the children out for a walk around the property and later took Linda for a drive around.

Monday the local homeschoolers took advantage of the presence of Linda and Bill and came to see in person the products carried by adnilpress.

In the afternoon the teenagers took to the town (11 in all; ours, the Mahers and the R’s) to enjoy lunch and see a movie at the newly opened cinema.  A first for all these teens to have the opportunity to go to town as a big group.  They returned home full of high spirits and copious amounts of junk food.

A certain young lady invited her family back for tea;) [always welcome my friends] and so we were cooking for 29 again.


The children and PC enjoying Myth Busters together.



Meanwhile the remaining adults enjoyed a concert by our resident flutists:)

Tuesday we were sad to wave good-bye but we look forward to the Maher’s return next year:):)

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