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Saturday saw Princess and I attending a local book sale.  We scored 5 bags of books for $6!!  We only paid for one bag at the unbelievable price of $6 a bag, incredibly all children’s books are free!!


Our most exciting find was a copy of Exodus by Brian Wildsmith and Walking to School by Ethel Turner.


Plenty of chapter books, some known to us, some new ones.

Yes, there is some twaddle there, we compromise sometimes, also some fantasy that I’m uncertain about.

A great morning and we can’t wait to attend again early January, where there will be 10+pallet loads of culled library books waiting.

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  • Erin

    I know, I should have resisted temptation, but I couldn't. And I simply must, must go to the next one with all the library culls!!
    How's your deep cleaning going?

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