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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 165)

I spent time this week clearing up space on the computer by deleting photos; doubles, blurred photos etc.  Files that go back to over 7 years ago, I can only shake my head at my photography skills.  They were extremely pitiful, whilst I still have much to learn, I was heartened to realise I have indeed improved.

This was our week for season turnover in clothing.  Each child’s wardrobe was gone through and outgrown, unwanted clothing removed.  Eight bags of clothing have been gifted to various friends, a lovely feeling.  Then we took an inventory of clothing needed.

With our list in hand we set off to the op-shops(thrift).  We were extremely lucky to find a shop that was selling all clothing for 50c each!!  We came home with piles and piles of clothing for only $40, plenty for everyone.  We particularly focused on denim shorts and denim jeans.  We plan to cut down the jeans into shorts for those children who are rather heard wearing on their clothes.

Last week found myself at the library with our two youngest girls.  I was embarrassed to realise I rarely take the children, preferring to run in and collect books by myself.  Jelly Bean asked me to help her select some books, this was a massive moment as she has been declaring that she “doesn’t like reading” for a long time.  We found several fairy tales, simply told for her to read.
This week has seen a massive explosion in reading and it was with joy I heard her declare “I like reading!”  Not only has she been reading with happiness and confidence but Jack Jack is also enthusiastically reading and he isn’t far behind her in ability.  This is monumental!!

As JB and JJ had read all of the books borrowed last week, Princess and I popped into the library today to replenish the supply.  We managed to find a decent offering but whilst browsing through the junior fiction shelves several thoughts ran through my mind regards easy readers.  Many, many of the readers have no plot, they are so boring I can’t see how they would inspire children to read.  Many others I rejected on the grounds of their illustrations, they were so bright they were unappealing.  The books I borrowed tended to be simplified fairy tales or of similar genre, ones with a meaty plot.

Voting day here in Australia tomorrow. Anthropologically I find how the average Australian chooses to vote an interesting matter to ponder.  Many do not always vote only for one party for their entire lives, they can swing parties, sometimes more than once.

Today I made our girls the most gorgeous little shrugs in white panne velvet.   Promise to share some photos soon.

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  • Halt

    I've always said that those "children" books have problems and aren't the proper literature to be exposing a child to. It is a horrific thought that the unshielded child's mind is being subject to the causal display of violence and evil, that can be commonly found in the guise of children's books.

  • Willa

    I always have the same trouble with those early-reading books. It has been a challenge with Aidan because he has stayed in the early-reader stage for so long and I don't want him to have to struggle through twaddle. We have resorted to making our own stories. He dictates and I write it down and then we use his own story or journal as a reader.

  • Erin

    You are so funny, but spot on, as you have articulated very well in the past whenever twaddle and the 'unsuitable' have crept in. Thank you for the reminder sweetheart.

    I can so relate, when my 9year old was still struggling to read it really hit me how much of the early readers are written to an earlier audience. What a great solution to the problem:)

    Generally I request ahead of time, the problem with our library though is their cataloging is totally inconsistent and hopeless, so if I type in 'early readers' it will catch on a very small proportion of books.

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