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Books for Saint Nicholas

Happy Saint Nicholas:) Lots of excitement here today. We are celebrating with many yearly traditions including enjoying the following books:

The Legend of Saint Nicholas by Demi
An absolute must to have. Includes main events from St Nicholas’ life, full of information. The pictures are rich.

Country Angel Christmas by Tomie DePaola

Three little angels are the first to hear St Nicholas wants the country angels to plan the Christmas celebrations for all of Heaven.  However they are not needed until it is realised that the angels have forgotten the most important detail of all. 

The Night Before Christmas-Clement Moore

Although Santa Claus is not part of our Christmas celebrations I just can’t resist reading this one.  Every Christmas Eve  for many years I read this book to my siblings just before they went to sleep.  After I was married they still insisted that I read this to them on Christmas Eve.  It is a rich poem about St Nicholas, “a right jolly old elf”.  It does use the term St Nicholas throughout not Santa Claus.
There are many different illustrated versions.

The Legend of the Candy Cane- Lori Walburg

A lovely story that explains the Christian symbolism of the candy cane.  We read this today as our children receive candy canes today.

*The last page is from a Protestant perspective but the change of a couple of words alters this.

The Miracle of Saint Nicholas- Gloria Whelan

A story that brings tear sand goosebumps.  It is Russia,after the fall of communism and 60 years since Christmas has been celebrated.  Alexi asks why Christmas can’t be celebrated in St Nicholas.  The answer is it would take a miracle…and a miracle it is.  An absolute gem and a must have.

I am endeavouring over at Aussie Book Threads to list many Christmas titles. Be sure to keep on checking over the next week or two as I list new books. I have also listed a few chapter books, but am searching for more if you’ve any you’d like to recommend.

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