Carnival of Washing Lines

Here in the Australian sun hanging washing is a part of daily life year round. So much a part of life that I took for granted and didn’t really appreciate until I got to know my American friends at 4Real Learning. In America due to climate changes the coming of spring is eagerly looked forward to so washing can once again be hung outside.

Washing for a family of nine means that I often hang one to three loads of washing a day. I admit there is nothing that smells so nice as freshly laundered sheets that have been in the sun for the day. Stains on clothes seem to disappear under the blaze of a good days sun. More importantly than the sun’s effect on the washing though is the effect of the sun on me:)

As a busy mum juggling life’s pleasure’s there are days that unless I was hanging the washing I wouldn’t have time to peak outside. The washing helps me stop and enjoy God’s creation and these days it is extra pleasurable with the view from my clothesline. In fact the view from my clothes line is spectacular and always makes me so grateful that we have chosen this lifestyle. I can go out to the line a little harried from our morning’s work and it never fails to re-new me with the peacefulness of my surrounds.

Nissa at Simple Gifts is hosting a Carnival of Washing if you’d like to pop on over and visit. Enjoy the sunshine:)

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