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Carpenter Gains Control of the Wheels

Yesterday Carpenter underwent testing for his Provisional Driver’s License and he passed!!!   He is rather ecstatic and so are we:)

Here in New South Wales to be eligible for receiving your Ps you have to be 17yrs and to log 120 hours driving with a ‘supervised driver'(generally a parent) and of course you need to pass your driving test.  This is a huge undertaking for all involved and we’re rather stoked to have ‘launched’ our second child.

Gaining ‘control of the wheels’ is always a major milestone in a young person’s life and one for us as  parents too.  Our young people  have a power of life and death, a fact we strive hard to impress upon them. This in turn causes us as parents  to re-evaluate our relationship with our ‘child’, it is no longer parent and child, but evolves more rapidly into parent and young adult.

I know from experience for the next few weeks I’ll smile and put on a brave face as I wave him down the drive, then spend the time he is away alternating between prayer and worry as I adjust to this shift in dynamics.

Well done Son, we are proud of you:)

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