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Catholic Homeschool Camp – Day 4

Day 4
We woke up Thursday to the most beautiful weather, as a morning at the beach was planned this was fantastic.

After morning Mass we headed to the beach. Today we were running novelty events on the beach.

Fun events such as three-legged races

and ‘backwards’ races.

Popular with all the children

although the littlest found the co-ordination hard.

We also ran running races

and crab races’.

Commando races were very popular

and capture the flag, egg and spoon and wheelbarrow races were also popular.

Of course there was time for a swim whilst we were there.

After the morning in the sun we headed back to camp for lunch and to greet our visitors.
Two priest had come to join us for lunch. One was the newest priest to be ordained in our diocese.

My children were thrilled to meet such a young priest, one was heard to comment that they had never met a priest under 30. Too true in our diocese where 50 is considered young.
They had time to enjoy a game of soccer with the children and dads before heading home.

Soccer is always the running game at our camps

although this year ‘paper bash’ was added to the list.

After Bendection and Rosary the certificates for the Novelty Events were handed out, and the winner of the Best and Fairest trophy was announced. This trophy has been in circulation for the past four years and is awarded to the child who stands out in some way. Imagine our surprise when Koala won the award. A beautiful trophy with a statue of Our Blessed Mother now stands on her bookcase.

The last camp night ended with a campfire, very popular and looked forward to. Many crawled into bed very late.

This post, the previous three, and the following one to come, are dedicated to my friend Jenn who is so keen to know how our camp is run.

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