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Shamelessly Asking for Votes

Our niece Jennifer has entered a modeling competition this year and made it into the grand final!! Wow, so impressive. This will be held in Sydney on 27th Sept. Part of the competition is via online voting.

So shameless aunt that I am, if you have a spare moment (okay I know you don’t, but if you could make a moment) could you pop on over and Vote For Jen:)

The easiest way is to send an email to: and write “Jennifer 115” in the subject field. Voting can be from any
unique email address, but you can’t send more that once from same email. I admit it did occur to me. Online voting concludes on September 25th.

So why should you vote for Jen?? Well she is talented, smart and above all has a beautiful personality. Well yes she is gorgeous too, but I think her personality makes her a winner:)

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