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Catholic Picture Books – Life of a Saint Series

Slowly we are building a wonderful collection of quality picture books to encourage the children to know and love their Faith.   Recently we purchased four books from the Life of a Saint Series, published by Ignatius/Magnificat.   I highly recommend this series!! 5 star quality,  ‘meaty’ and accurate with lovely watercolour illustrations. They are long picture books, divided into small ‘chapters’ but can be easily read in one sitting. The best saints books we have seen for younger children, happily for us most of these are our children’s patron saints.

John Marie Vianney: The Holy Cure of Ars
John Vianney, from a devout family who attended underground Masses heard a calling to the priesthood as a boy during the French Revolution.  He struggled with his studies but persevered, once ordained he was assigned to the poor parish of Ars where the Faith of the people was weak.  He poured himself into saving souls, and it was through his prayers that many souls returned to God.  In the last years of his life he was spending seventeen hours a day in the confessional, John Marie Vianney is the patron saint of parish priests. Our favourite.

Bernadette: The Little Girl From Lourdes
One day in Lourdes during winter a beautiful lady appears to an ordinary girl, Bernadette, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.  At the grotto where she appears Bernadette discovers a spring from which flows miraculous healing water.

Therese: The Little Flower Of Lisieux
Therese was raised in a loving and devout family, and at a young age she felt called to the religious life. Therese had a sensitive nature and tremendous confidence in the love of God. She wrote a spiritual classic, the Story of a Soul which guides us to the ‘Little Way’ to God.

Francis the Poor Man of Assisi
The story opens with Francis’ birth and youth, following his military service, imprisonment and illness he encounters God.  Francis then gives up everything including the clothes on his back to follow Our Lady of Poverty and humility. We meet St Clare, see Francis love for lepers, watch him deal with the wolf of Gubbio and create the first nativity scene. Our second favourite.

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  • Housewifespice

    Yes! I have all of these titles on a wishlist, but it's so nice to know someone's first-hand opinion. And congratulations on baby Bella and the Christening! I am my brother's godmother, just like your big kids.

  • Erin

    Well my 3 yr old through to my teens enjoy them. Not sure how much the 3yr old is taking in but sure the 5yr old is. Certainly the 7yr old is.

    I understand totally!
    I'm also two of my bros godmother:) Special isn't it:)

  • Ash

    Hi Erin, thank you for taking time off to write in detail about the Life of Saints series, something have been looking to get as Christmas presents for family and friends. Your review gives me all the more reason to get them, but not sure from where. Any suggestions please.

    • Erin

      Not sure what country you are in? If in Australia (and many other countries) I’d recommend Book Depository. Free postage and decent prices. If in America try Amazon’s prices.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Erin! Oops, forgot to mention am in Australia. Checked into Book Depository and other such sources, including Amazon, able to find one but not the others… Will keep looking. Thanks again!

        • Erin

          After BD my next go to place is Abe Books, they sell new and second hand books. Very happy with the service there and the quality. Another site is Betterworld Books for decent prices and postage.

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