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Christmas Hit – Dune Buggy

PC and I were really committed for Christmas presents to be outside items this year.  The boys have been begging for motorbikes, but we weren’t keen.  We researched and decided a double off road go-kart/dune buggy would better serve our purposes.
We made a number of phone calls and were assured us that a 150cc Twister was the best quality.  In an effort to reduce cost we purchased one that needed much work on ebay.

We managed to smuggle it home on the trailer under a tarp all the way back from our Sydney trip. For some reason;) the boys thought it was an item for the playground for the younger children and didn’t ask too many questions.

PC and Koala (who had helped Dad pick up the buggy and was in on the secret,) scraped and sanded back all the rust late into each night in the week preceding Christmas.  Then PC spray painted with Kill Rust.  We won’t be doing this job again anytime soon. The seats were washed of mud and accessories cleaned up.

PC spent a lot of time working on the auto-electrics. We had ordered a new battery, solenoid and spark plug, however all wasn’t proceeding so well.


Christmas Day PC managed to get the motor to kick over but hasn’t yet had time to progress further.

Christmas morning the children lined up with eyes closed, before the shed roller door, the door was opened and they found this…..
Look at the excitement on Einstein’s face!!

They can’t stop grinning.

We love totally surprising them.

Oh the joy!


The beaming smiles.

Great success Dad!

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